Design of serious games in engineering education: An application to the configuration and analysis of manufacturing systems


Higher education has to cope with current trends in digital technologies, in particular in the field of industrial engineering, where digital competencies are required more and more. Digital technologies, combined with serious gaming, offer new opportunities for teaching engineering in higher education, with a twofold objective: 1) offering students a rich and realistic experience exploiting advanced digital tools; 2) supporting and complementing traditional education schemes by increasing participation and involvement via serious gaming, enhanced by digital/virtual technologies. Herein, we present a framework for the design of serious games in engineering education, with a specific focus on the definition of intended learning outcomes and the development of the corresponding game activities. This framework was applied to develop a serious game application for the design and analysis of manufacturing systems. The approach was tested thanks to the cooperation of 60 bachelor engineering students and the results extensively analyzed in both quantitative and qualitative terms. © 2021 CIRP

CIRP Journal of Manufacturing Science and Technology