Advancement in production engineering education through Virtual Learning Factory Toolkit concept [Tootmisinseneride hariduse edendamine virtuaalse õppetehase tööriistakomplekti kontseptsiooni kaudu]


The growing relevance of digitalization in production requires the enhancement of human skills and competences in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Higher education has to cope with this need by providing the necessary ICT skills to future industrial engineers, so that they have a good understanding of the complexity of industries in the 21st century. This paper presents the conceptual development and testing of a Virtual Learning Factory Toolkit (VLFT) that integrates digital tools used in production management with engineering education. The digital tools integrated into the VLFT can help students to exploit enabling technologies such as simulation and virtual reality in their manufacturing studies and practical projects with industrial companies. Moreover, digital tools were tested by using a structured workflow that consists of different learning activities related to manufacturing system configuration. Students practised the digital tools with the help of use cases in the form of joint learning labs, after which the students’ feedback was collected and analysed. © 2021 Authors.

Proceedings of the Estonian Academy of Sciences