The RECAM (Rapid Reconfiguration of Flexible Production Systems through Capability-based Adaptation, Autoconfiguration and Integrated tools for Production Planning) project, funded within the Horizon 2020 Programme, aims to demonstrate a set of integrated tools for the rapid reconfiguration of flexible production systems, both at operational as well as tactical levels, integrated with the existing production planning and scheduling tools (MES) at a higher technological readiness level (TRL 7). Intelligent plug-and-produce devices are being developed, able to self-describing mechatronic objects, auto-program and self-adjust to the required task by utilizing parametric capabilities. These next generation flexible production systems and the proposed set of enabling ICT tools will allow a rapid and cost-efficient reaction to dynamic market changes, also in small-lot production contexts, reducing the efforts needed to switch between product types and production quantities.

Role: Scientific responsible for Task 4.7: Integrated reconfiguration and production planning tool, to develop a software tool for supporting the integrated production and reconfiguration decision making. These tools are going to be applied to the Bosch and Cosberg use cases.

Marcello Urgo
Marcello Urgo
Assistant Professor in Manufacturing Engineering

My research interests include the design and management of manufacturing systems, planning and scheduling under uncertainty, artificial intelligence in manufacturing, humans in manufacturing, virtual and augmented reality, digital twins and digital factories.